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Michele Antonia


Pamela May


Tina Bland

Vice President


An all volunteer charity based in Collier county where 100% of your donations go directly to the animals.

Our All Volunteer Team

 100% of all donations go directly to the care of our animals. None of us take any salary and we are an all volunteer based charity.

Please donate today and help us help animals who have nobody else to care for them.

Animal Compassion Project promotes reducing animal overpopulation through an active TNR (trap / neuter / return) program for feral / free-roaming cats. Some of these colonies have been maintained for 12 years and have just a few cats remaining, a statistic that underscores the effectiveness of TNR programs. We assist other cat colony caretakers with TNR, food and help with veterinary care.

We also maintain a sanctuary for feral cats and for special needs cats. Our special needs cats come from cat colonies, other animal welfare groups, veterinarians, shelters and from the general public. As space and resources allow, we accept FIV and leukemia positive cats, and cats with permanent injuries. We are committed to the lifetime care of these animals, and they live out their lives in safe, comfortable, cage-free housing.  

Our  largest ongoing needs are funds for spaying and neutering, food and cat litter, and medical expenses. To do this, we rely on the kindness and caring of animal lovers like you. Animal Compassion Project depends on your generosity to continue its mission to reduce the births of unwanted litters through spaying and neutering and to continue to shelter the animals others have given up on. Any gift, great or small, is appreciated and helps us to help the animals. 

We are also very thankful for in-kind donations of canned and dry food, scoopable and clay cat litter, paper towels, disposable plates and gloves, bleach, and antibacterial wipes.  Call us for other needs.

If you have questions about supporting or volunteering for Animal Compassion Project, please call 239-825-4093.